Prof. Eyal Ben-Eliyahu

Department of Jewish Studies, University of Haifa. 
Head of the ancient Jewish world mapping project.

Dr. Eyal Ben-Eliyahu's field of study is the perception of the space of the Second Temple and Roman Byzantine. His first book, "Between Boundaries: The Land of Israel in Jewish Consciousness in the Second Temple Period and in the Mishnah and Talmud Period," deals with the way in which Jewish boundaries and areas were perceived in ancient Jewish consciousness. His second book "Identity and Territory: Jewish Perceptions of Space in Antiquity", (University of California Press), Is devoted to the territorial component of Jewish identity in antiquity, and to the status of the holy places in the Jewish consciousness and the Christian concepts of the period.


Dr. Moran Zaga

GIS expert.
Researcher in political geography at the University of Haifa.
Participates in the digitalized mapping project of the Ancient Jewish world and focuses on methodological and technological aspects of the research. Additionally, she is working on the accessibility of the Crowdsourcing aspect in the project.


Einat Tamir
Master Student in the Jewish History Department in Haifa University.
Einat is gathering historical content for the project and participating in thought-groups to adapt the system to the use of the wisdom to the masses. In addition to her work in the mapping research project, she is part of the Judean Desert Scrolls Research Group at the University of Haifa, the administrative coordinator of the "Elijha-Lab" for Mass sharing the humanities and writes a thesis on Jewish cinema in Eastern Europe.


Past members

Itamar Satat
B.A. graduate in Jewish Thought and Education.
Itamar began as a research assistant in the project and created the infrastructure for the first maps that issued by the project.